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frequent flyer gaming program badges
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Encouraging Loyalty Through an Interactive Game for Air Canada

Visual search a new opportunity for retail brands
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Visual Search: A New Opportunity for Retail Brands

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  • 01/15/2020

Patek Philippe wins Bloomberg Businessweek China Award

Times Square advertising
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A New(ish) Case for the Greatness of Content

Bookmark third anniversary
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Celebrating Our Third Year

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Predicting the Future with Our Editors-in-Chief

Sustainability and PR
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Overcoming Slacktivism: Sustainability and PR

explora Travel Instagram feed
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Driving Awareness Through a New Content Program for explora

TikTok logo
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Vibe Check: Branded Content on TikTok

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Social-First Content Strategy for Silhouette

why luxury is print unique selling point casey jones
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Why Luxury is Print’s Unique Selling Point

lindt excellence content strategy case study by bookmark
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Driving Awareness Through Integrated Content for Lindt

The State of Voice Assistants
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Data Story: The State of Voice Assistants

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