Create a comprehensive report on the trends and behaviors of Canadian Millennials targeted towards Marketers in the travel, luxury and news/media industries.


In January 2018, Bookmark released a white paper of over 50 pages titled The Real Millennial: An Authentic Look at a Misunderstood Generation.

We identified real trends and little-known facts about Canadian Millennials in the following key areas:

  • Demographics, culture and community engagement
  • Travel preferences and the evolution of ‘bleisure’
  • Online channels
  • Content consumption

Distribution channels included Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, SlideShare and Pinterest, the Bookmark This blog and its newsletter.

We published three blog posts written by Millennial Bookmarkers including:

The white paper was also shared via the Spafax Group newsletter and a sponsored newsletter.


Over the course of the six-week campaign, the Bookmark team received positive feedback from Marketers in many different industries including travel, tech, real estate, higher education and media.

The campaign had a total of 46,047 impressions. We had a 26% conversion rate on our landing page and our inbound marketing campaign resulted in five new business opportunities for Bookmark.

To better understand Canadian Millennials’ travel habits and trends, get your copy of our latest data-driven white paper on the behaviors and interests of this generation.