We were commissioned by the Tesco Wine team to design, build and test a tool to help customers discover personalised wine recommendations based on their individual tastes, as well as promoting current wines on offer.


Promising ‘wine for every food, mood and moment’, Tesco Wine Finder is a responsive web app that suggests bottles to match your meal, occasion or the results of our specially created taste test.

The mobile-first site incorporates Facebook login, which enabled us to collect customer data. Later in the trial we were able to add multi-variant testing and display a different version of the home page to different users, collecting statistics on click-throughs to discover the most popular areas. We gained further insight through our weekly email campaign, which featured a seasonal theme and wines chosen to match each user’s taste profile.


During the campaign, we discovered that users were strongly engaged and happy to share their personal information with a site such as Wine Finder. Email emerged as the strongest channel for engagement, allowing us to make several recommendations to the client, which they can now carry forward in their comms strategy.