The charity was set up in 1998 by William Sieghart, founder of Forward Publishing (which became Bookmark in 2016), and Mary-Lou Sturridge, a former director of the Groucho Club. Recognising that many homeless charities were already providing immediate relief in the form of shelter, clothing and food, they decided to make StreetSmart a fundraising charity.

Thanks to the support of a generous sponsor, Deutsche Bank, who covers all the costs of the campaign, every penny raised is distributed directly to the actual charities, hostels and projects with the experience and facilities to help adults and children who are living on the streets and want to get back on their feet.

How we work with StreetSmart

Bookmark has supported the charity since its launch. We continue to provide valuable office space, creative and administrative support, and digital expertise; we also produce all StreetSmart’s marketing and publicity materials.


Since 1998, restaurants and their diners have raised over £8.4 million and helped hundreds of people back to independent living and into employment.