To increase the frequency of communication and deepen client engagement; to demonstrate the sophistication of the Standard Life approach to investing and its expertise; to retain and extend business from existing Standard Life Wealth clients.


Bookmark created the concept for MoneyPlus Portfolio, a magazine that would reassure its readers that their investments were with a best-in-class provider. The content is tailored to this affluent and financially savvy group: it explores markets, sectors and broad investment themes, offering strategies that this idea-hungry and information-overloaded audience can action themselves or use as a talking point with their Wealth Manager. The magazine also offers a clearly articulated point of view on macroeconomic issues from Standard Life Wealth. Contributors include leading financial journalists, opinion formers and sector specialists.


Client engagement is enhanced not only through the expert investment content, but also by content that explores wider economic issues and current trends that impact on their finances. The use of luxurious paper stock and a sophisticated design language gives MoneyPlus Portfolio a premium look and feel, which is greatly appreciated by its readers.

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