To open a dialogue with global customers and nurture existing relationships; to cross-sell new products and help facilitate long-term sales; and to establish an international customer database.


We created a registration process and built a bespoke database. Customers receive a programme of exclusive communications including a beautiful, collectable, subscription-only biannual magazine, personalised emails, and a series of films (all available in eight languages) on a locked microsite.

Contributors include some of the world’s most talented authors, photographers, thought-leaders, scientists and artists. Detailed content about new and vintage watches is set within the context of non-product stories that are aligned with Patek Philippe’s brand values of craftsmanship, heritage and innovation, and designed to create an emotional landscape for a community of high-net-worth individuals with a shared passion for Patek Philippe.


Since launch, more than 300,000 customers have opted into the programme, most of whom cite the magazine as their first port of call for product news. One issue alone generated £1 million of additional watch sales.

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