Logistik Unicorp, one of the world’s leaders in logistic uniform supply management, came to us looking to modernize their website and their overall branding. In an increasingly competitive environment, Logistik’s management realized they needed a drastic refresh.


We first rebranded the company top to bottom. The old brand, which had been neglected, was redone with a modern font, a design that hinted at the core identity of the brand (the stitching central to their uniforms) and one of their core client constituencies (the military), in an easy to read, legible and cross platform execution that looked good on the page, on the web, and on signage. We then took this ethos and completely redid their website, using Logistik management and employees to tell the client’s unique brand story – from its history, to its bespoke uniform programs, to its stellar customer service promise and logitics apparatus, using words, photography and video.