After years of growing our business through networking and word of mouth, we decided it was time to build brand awareness and leverage our digital channels as a new business tool.


  • Create interesting and useful content for marketers and content creators around the world
  • Become a trusted industry resource for content marketing, PR, media and tech
  • Generate leads and grow our business
  • Create an inbound marketing proof of concept for future and current clients


We used inbound marketing to drive interest from new and returning visitors to our site, primarily using social media channels, newsletters, drip campaigns, SEO, local directories and outreach. We tracked results in HubSpot and used data to continuously improve our strategy.

We created useful and relevant content related to our core service areas, based on the phases of our client journey:

  1. Awareness: blog posts, news articles, infographics, white papers, guides
  2. Consideration: infographics, case studies
  3. Decision: product sell sheets, pitch decks, one-on-one conversations

Most of our content is available online for anyone to find through social media and organic search. We have also integrated several pieces of high-value gated content, where visitors can provide their name and email addresses to receive the report or guide on landing page forms.

We also used automated email drip campaigns to nurture prospects. Once a lead had engaged with us a few times, we reached out to them to see if we can help out in any way.

We also used SEO tactics to improve rankings in local markets. For more information, see our Local Search case study.


Over the last six months, these efforts have contributed to Bookmark’s growth:

  • 24% more sessions per month on
  • 21% average landing page conversion rate
  • 50 leads and 5 opportunities per month, on average
  • 4 new clients and growing

Learn how Bookmark can help you attract new visitors and grow your business through content and inbound marketing.

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