Since rebranding as Bookmark Content and Communications in 2016, our various locations have been buried in search results, landing us as high as page three for two offices and as low as pages 50+. Improving this can be challenging after a rebrand. A previous company name and address showing up all over the web will cause inconsistencies, which becomes problematic for search engines.

Our objective was to rank Bookmark for relevant keywords related to our business in the nine office neighborhoods around the world, primarily focusing on Google as it has 86% of desktop and 59% of mobile global search traffic, and Bing with 6.45% of desktop and 22% of mobile search. And with 52% of worldwide searches on mobile, we also wanted to make sure to adapt our strategy for this platform.


To be included in the Google Maps Local Pack and Bing Places Maps in each city and appear at the top of organic search results we focused on three main areas:

  1. On-page optimization
    • Optimized our home page and each office location page for relevant keywords relating to our services in the title, URL, meta descriptions and image tags, without compromising readability
    • Added local content to each location page
  1. Local citations
    • Determined the best directories in each location for our industry
    • Created listings in all locations with consistent NAP information, opening hours, local descriptions and images
    • Optimized Google My Business with descriptions, hours, images, service listings, and regular posts
  2. Structured data
    • Added our business to WikiData
    • Implemented Organizational level structured data to our site


Bookmark Toronto and Montreal offices can now be found in the Google Maps Local Packs and Bing Local Maps for these search terms:

  • Content Agency [+City]
  • Content Marketing Agency [+City]

These offices can also be found on page one of Google organic results when searching for “Content Agency [+City].”

Over the last year, the number of sessions per month has increased by 80% and the number of visits from Google has increased by 73%.

These efforts have also contributed to Bookmark’s growth. Over the last six months, we have received, on average, five new business opportunities per month.

Given these positive results, we are currently adapting this strategy for our global offices.

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