Every year, we send our APEX Media team to capture the attention of 3,000 conference attendees at APEX EXPO and improve their overall experience by providing in-the-moment news and event coverage.


We sent a team of 17 content marketing experts from around the globe, to report on the event and provide attendees with a 360º perspective. This included news coverage, interviews, photography, filming, video-editing, writing, editing, art direction and project management.

The following content was created and distributed during the event*:

  • 3 daily magazines (140 pages, 4,200 copies)
  • 4 daily e-newsletters
  • 20 YouTube videos
  • 38 articles on the website
  • 80+ live tweets
  • 20+ Instagram stories
  • 1 podcast, recorded at APEX EXPO 2018

*Advertising and sponsorships were arranged prior to the event.

1,000 copies of the latest issue of APEX Experience magazine were also distributed.

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During the four-day event there were 18,865 sessions on and 164,781 social media impressions. Also, the APEX Instagram account received an increase of 7.2% followers during the event. And, three weeks post-event, there were over 8,300 YouTube video views and 79 podcast plays.

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