Air Canada commissioned us with creating a fun and engaging platform that would encourage brand loyalty, increase bookings and raise awareness of new destinations, in-flight products and services.


On a recurring annual basis, we devise the mechanics of Earn Your Wings through design, development and program management. This innovative gamified loyalty platform rewards Air Canada’s Altitude members when booking flights. The interactive site is responsive across all device types. New badges, challenges, and functionality are added to the game each year with user feedback in mind, to ensure that it remains challenging and engaging for players.


Since its inception in 2013, it has won seven loyalty and gamification awards, and has consistently resulted in a 500% to 800% return on investment for each edition. Additionally, each subsequent program shows tremendous growth in the number of registered active users, flight bookings, airport visits, and the number of upgrades made. In 2018, the program saw a 41% increase in registrants.