Create an integrated content program for the launch of the chocolate-inspired website. Lindt was looking to move from product-focused content to a lifestyle-oriented narrative to align well with the sophisticated interests of their target demographic.


  • Increase Lindt’s online awareness and captivate their audience through content
  • Educate consumers on Lindt Excellence USPs
  • Become the number one online destination for chocolate inspiration
  • Highlight new usage occasions
  • Encourage consumer loyalty


Develop a content strategy for Lindt Excellence which revolves around the customer journey stages: inspiration, education, and conversion. The ultimate goal was to encourage chocolate lovers to become Lindt advocates and brand ambassadors. We used a three-tier strategy to achieve this:

  • A brand hub that appeals to chocolate lovers
  • A seamless integration of editorial, product and branded content for various stages of the purchase cycle, from product discovery to product testing and ultimately, conversion
  • Create and deliver relevant content for consumers’ needs based on different times of day

Our content strategy focused on Lindt’s chocolate expertise, with content such as How to Store Chocolate and What’s The Difference Between Cacao and Cocoa? The site also included original videos, guides to chocolate pairings, and recipes. We included strong calls-to-action to drive conversions.

Traffic acquisition was driven by multiple distribution touchpoints: PPC, social media, paid social and email.


From September 2017 to September 2018, we produced 68 original content-rich stories and gained over 150,000 pageviews driving 300% more visitors to product pages.

Increased reach through multiple distribution tactics with a new vs. returning visitor ratio of 71% to 29%.

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