As much as Canadians love Bloody Caesars–and we do to, the tune of 350 million orders each year–it has been almost five decades since the invention of the nation’s go-to cocktail (think Bloody Mary but with…oyster juice). Air Canada and Corby decided to collaborate to reinvent the famous cocktail. The increasingly popular Canadian whisky, Lot No. 40, was used as the base spirit for Canada’s Next Great Cocktail.


Five bartenders from across Canada were flown to a remote island off the coast of Newfoundland and tasked with creating Canada’s Next Great Cocktail. Led by Dave Mitton, the Lot No. 40 global brand ambassador, the bartenders gathered at the Fogo Island Inn to present each of their recipes and inspiration. Through a peer voting system, each drink was tasted and scored. The winner was Montreal bartender Katherine Boushel’s The Dominion. The gathering was pushed across multiple media channels, including print, web and video. Furthermore, the Keg steakhouse led the nationwide launch by adding The Dominion to their summer menu to introduce Canada’s favourite drink to the country.


  • Print – 3,284,000 impression
  • Social – 113,885 impressions
  • PR – 98,136,748 impressions
  • In-flight – 2,500,000 impressions
  • Digital – 1,327,750 impressions