"This is worth a Peru" is an expression used in South America to say that something is excellent.

I have long admired Peru’s culture and physical beauty. After all, not too many countries can boast of having started one of the world’s great civilizations and empires (the Inca), reigning from the Amazon to the Pacific to Colombia and southern Chile until the arrival of the Spanish.

The cultural heritage of Peru is enormous. Recognized internationally as one of the world’s great cuisines, Peru has grown in every way imaginable.

Today, Peru is the fastest growing economy in South America. Lima, a capital rich in culture and creativity, is home not only to contemporary architecture, international design and art fairs but also global brands and high-level marketing firms.

Having said that, I’m proud to announce that the leading railway company between Cuzco and Machu Picchu, PeruRail, recently chose Bookmark Content and Communications to develop its new Food & Beverages service. With this high-profile project in a rapidly growing market, we aim to prove that we can deliver quality content and services, and we hope that more and more Peruvian companies take note.

We truly believe that Peru itself “is worth a Perú!”

Photo courtesy of Astrid & Gaston Restaurant (Lima, Perú).