1. What does an Associate Account Director do?
My role is to oversee accounts and foster relationships with clients in the lifestyle categories here at Bookmark. It requires ensuring the client always feels supported and that ultimately, we are delivering an experience they are proud of and one that is memorable for their consumers. 

2. What attracted you to Bookmark?
The people. The moment I walked into both the Montreal and Toronto offices, everyone was so pleasant, kind, and eager to support and build together.

3. What aspect of your new job are you most looking forward to?
Relationship building. We are curious beings. Human interaction will forever fascinate me. I’m looking forward to jumping back into agency life in a role that is all about constantly managing and creating interesting new relationships.

4. What’s the last thing you read/saw that inspired you?
Discovering the podcast, She Explores. It’s inspired me to want to experience more outdoors, more nature, more solo travel.

 5. What do you like to do in your spare time?
Practice and take yoga and meditation workshops (a student for life). In addition to my marketing by day, I’m also a yoga and meditation teacher by weekend. Let’s flow, sometime. And podcasts. I love podcasts. Best way to walk/wander the city.

6. Tell us something surprising about yourself?
I’ve mastered the art of carry-on only travel. Two personal records include:  3 (warmer) cities in 16 days via carry-on; and 1 (cooler) town in 7 days with enough props in tow to teach a mini yoga class via carry-on. In mastering this art, I’ve fallen in love with solo travel and one of my favorite things to do is treat myself to fancy dinner dates in new cities. 

 7. What are your top 5 must-see destinations?
– India
– Morocco
– South coast of Portugal
– Sunshine Coast of British Columbia
– Croatia  

8. What is your favorite thing to do in Toronto?
Eat. This city has so many incredible neighborhoods, delicious food joints and unique places. You could literally try a new local spot for every meal, every day of the year and never make your way through this city in food.

 9. What’s been your career highlight so far?
Connecting. Creating and facilitating workshops and partnering with colleagues to host events that enable connection. I love introducing people and watching the magic unfold.

10. What is the one piece of advice that has helped you get where you are today?
Start before you think you’re ready. Just start.