Edith Sevigny-Martel

1. What does a Production Manager do?
Production managers are the owners of the production schedule. We prioritize communication to make sure that all the components of a job (content creation, deployments, print and distribution) stay on track so that the job is delivered on budget, on time and at optimal quality!

2. What attracted you to Bookmark?
The quality of the work produced and the impressive portfolio of clients. Quality content for quality brands. I love beautifully crafted print collateral and enticing content. The worldwide impact that this company has is also very exciting, working across different countries and cultures.

3. What aspect of your new job are you most looking forward to?
I enjoy collaboration, new ideas & problem solving so I am excited to work with internal and external teams to realize projects. All three of my accounts (Tourism Toronto, Birks, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts) are cause enough for excitement!

4. What’s the last thing you read/saw that inspired you?
I was exceptionally inspired by Montreal’s Mural Fest this year. The talent was exceptional and the art was larger than life.

5. What do you like to do in your spare time?
I am always keeping an eye out for the next new health food trend, restaurant or café. I am very inspired by small businesses and like to support them when I can. When I’m not doing that, I’m either working on an illustration project or stretching it out in a yoga class.

6. Tell us something surprising about yourself?
I started meditating about a month ago using the Headspace app. I’ve been impressed by the mental clarity it’s provided and want to continue this as a daily ritual. It’s been a great teacher of mindfulness. I also love real estate and multi-use, converted space. Let’s talk real estate!

7. What are your top 5 must-see destinations?
I only have 3 places that are top of mind. That being said, any destination is a good destination!
Seville – a beautiful and rich city. This was an unexpected stop on my Spain trip and by far the most enriching experience. Note: don’t eat the oranges off the trees.
Lisbon – Blown away by its nightlife culture. Since restaurants and bars are open onto the street it feels like the whole district is one big space with hundreds of counters.
Brooklyn – My preferred destination over Manhattan. It’s less touristy and has such a great vibe.

8. What is your favorite thing to do in Montreal?
I just moved back to Montreal after having lived in Toronto for 5 years so I’m currently rediscovering the city. Finding hidden gems, cafés, cocktail bars and restaurants. I love how Montrealers embrace the summertime. The winter is so long and cold. You can tell that locals really celebrate the good weather by being out and taking advantage of the city’s many parks.

9. What’s been your career highlight so far?
I worked on this fantastic brochure last year. It was a high-end brochure made to sell million dollar condos on Toronto’s waterfront. There were spot UVs, matte AQs, spot colors and raised polymer UVs involved. It was a project that was turned around on a very tight timeline and I am very proud of the result. By staying on top of managing the logistics and printing partials my team made it happen! I was very happy to find out that the printers who made the magic happen won an award for the piece.

10. What is the one piece of advice that has helped you get where you are today?
Be proactive, first things first, anticipate questions and have solutions.