The best content marketing can transform customers, and turn micro-moments into hero moments.

On October 31, my neighborhood will swarm with vertically-challenged superheroes as we celebrate Halloween. Even when those kids grow up and drop the cape, the elemental story behind that secret identity – having the power to save the day – never leaves their imagination.

Now, what if your brand could make your customer feel like a superhero over and over? Maybe not “the power to leap tall buildings in a single bound,” kind of superhero, but the kind with the power to buy the perfect anniversary present, find a secret cocktail bar to impress colleagues in New York (or Shanghai or Vienna or Lima…) or learn about the latest trends in marketing. (FYI: You’re our hero if you’re reading this blog.)

Think of the potential hero moments where your brand can be Robin to your customer’s Batman – or Q to their Bond – and then surface as the ultimate sidekick. Life is full of obstacles that we have to overcome, big and small. Find the potential pain points among your audience, and then give them a superpower to accomplish a task (ideally with some sharp writing, great video or magical code), whether that’s a bot that can help book the perfect trip or the best hotspots to take clients for a business dinner.

Hero moments can also be mentorship moments: This is brand as sensei, helping your customer develop, learn or grow with a secret bag of ninja tricks. That might mean sharing the World’s Best Travel Hacks, as Bookmark did for Air Canada, or these tips on goal-setting from Jawbone that customers can adopt to be their best selves.

Everyone wants to save the day. But in 2017, it’s not about your brand being the hero, but empowering your customer to be one. No costume change required.