partnerships between brands

Three examples of co-branded collaborations that drove sales, increased their reach and provided better customer experiences.

I recently attended the CMDC, Canada’s premier Media & Marketing conference. It is a meeting place for thought leadership and a marketplace for ideas and innovation. This year, the theme was ‘Truth + Purpose.’ There was a wealth of data and inspiring content that was shared, but I was pleased to see one key media trend shine: partnerships.

Partnerships can cut through filters, create bonds and ultimately help your brand pop through the clutter. The word ‘partnership‘ can mean various things to many people, but I see it as a kind of unity between two parties: sales and editorial, sales and advertisers, two brands, and even companies that may or may not compete with one another. Here are three examples that redefine and inspire to think differently about alliances:

ME to WE & PacSun, a partnership in driving social change

Craig Kielburger, co-founder of ME to WE, a socially conscious NGO, shared how his team worked with retailer PacSun to drive sales and ultimately empower MGXer’s (adults between 22-45) to track their impact on society with each purchase.

The results? Over 3,976,238 lives impacted in five humanitarian areas: education, water, healthcare, food and opportunity.

MOO & TaskRabbit, business cards delivered

Knowing that many conference-goers forget their business cards at home, MOO, the card printing company buddied up with TaskRabbit to deliver business cards on demand at SXSW. Simple yet brilliant!

AR pays for Wall Street Journal, two brands dip their toes in AR

The Wall Street Journal and Chase’s Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card have built an AR experience to transport users to new destinations. By providing a 360-degree tour of three cities and nine neighborhoods, the partners generated over half a million page views with a bounce rate of only 7%. Visit San Francisco, New Orleans and Miami without leaving your seat.

Partnerships should always be synergistic and benefit to both parties. A strong partnership will grow year over year, drive revenue and reach.

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