In recent months we have witnessed unprecedented events that have, in one way or another, affected all brands across the globe.

In a world where consumers are placing ever more trust in digital platforms, brands’ proactive online responses to these events have become critically important. Yet even before the pandemic, the growing significance and value of social media had become central to brands’ marketing efforts in their mission to unlock digital opportunities.

Social media offers endless marketing possibilities for a brand, but in order to navigate it effectively you need the right strategy, resources, and expertise. Working in partnership with a social media agency can be the difference between your brand standing out or getting lost in the digital noise.

Here are four reasons why every brand needs to collaborate with a specialist content-driven social agency to manage their social platforms and communities.

1. A good agency saves you time and money

One of the main concerns for brands is how to deliver high quality content across multiple channels in a cost- and time-efficient way. A lot of effort goes into being truly effective on social channels. By working with an agency – experts who know exactly what they are doing, with access to sophisticated software and systems – you will save both time and money compared to the true cost of managing your social media in-house.

It’s also worth noting that agencies draw on experience from a wide range of client use-cases, allowing them to optimise their processes and approach based on what they know works across different companies and industries. This cuts down on opportunity cost for your brand and ensures you get maximum return from your budget with minimal wastage. But perhaps most crucially, you will be freed up to focus on growing your business.

2. Agencies have the resources to manage and grow communities 24/7

A brand’s heart and soul are its customers. With almost four billion social media users and 11 new people adopting social channels every minute, the potential of social for both generating and retaining customers is already huge and literally getting greater by the minute.

Creating awareness within this huge pool of potential customers is a daunting task, requiring sustained effort across multiple channels and 24/7 responsiveness. Agencies are able to optimise outreach effort and maximize coverage. In a world where milliseconds make a difference, this can be a critical advantage.

Keeping a brand’s community engaged is an equally demanding task that is also resource-intensive, as consumers increasingly expect immediate and authentic communication from brands across a wide variety of channels. Again, an agency’s focused resources and varied expertise puts them in a strong position to deliver this most effectively.

Paid media campaign across Instagram for The Joe Project

3. Deep channel and multi-channel expertise

Success on social media requires a deep knowledge of each channel. Agency teams are multi-disciplinary, so they can create the winning formula for each campaign based on the particular channel approach, yielding the highest chance of maximized return on investment. This starts with a brand channel analysis and strategy to understand which channel will best suit your business and deliver your KPIs.

Agencies have access to individual channel experts and a rich mine of data which, combined, can set you up for success and be adapted as your social strategy evolves.

4. An agency can make sure your content is powerful

Creative content is the main driver of engagement on social platforms. Without content, social media simply wouldn’t exist. The quality of a brand’s content on social media has a direct impact on reputation, sales, and growth. Working with an agency to create high quality content that truly reflects your brand’s values is a make-or-break decision. Every piece of content, whether it’s a social post or a long-form blog, needs to be on-brand, highly engaging and optimised for performance.

With a content-driven agency by your side, you have access to an entire team of creative experts managing every detail of the process, from planning and strategy through to design, production, execution and analysis.

Take a look at Bookmark’s social content strategy for Silhouette Eyewear on Instagram.