Understanding Millennials, and what drives their content consumption is imperative for any brand looking to reach this elusive generation.

We’ve identified seven proven tactics that brands can use in their content marketing efforts to successfully reach this demographic. And yes, it’s in list-form.

1. Minimize Interruption
Create content specifically tailored to their individual interest and provide value. Bridge the gap between company and individual with tailored content and provide a personal experience by keeping the make-up of the demographic in mind – age, location, lifestyle and interest.

2. Leverage Visual Content
Millennials are looking for visually stimulating content that will inspire, entertain and/or educate them. Powerful visuals, with a strong value proposition that also subtly soft sells your brand, is key.

3. Evoke Emotion
Millennials want a reason to connect with your brand. Connect with them emotionally by giving them something to relate to.

4. Be Authentic
Create high-quality authentic content. Humanize your engagement by creating a transparent, authentic relationship. Through your content, showcase a positive brand reflection.

5. Keep Content Mobile Friendly
Millennials are consuming most of their content on their mobile devices. To ensure a happy user experience, content should load quickly with easy navigation and readability.

6. Use Social Media
Use social media to communicate with this generation. Post content on your social platforms that link to your original content. Keep in mind that what does well on Facebook might not do well on Instagram – each social network has its own best practises. Tailoring content to each individual platform is a clear indication that company knows what it’s doing and has a social media strategy (you would not repurpose a print ad for a TV spot). To maximize the reach of your message, ensure you’re on multiple platforms as much as possible.

7. Provide Fast Solutions
Millennials have a need for instant gratification. They want content fast. If you can’t deliver fast content, technology has made it easy for them to quickly look for answers elsewhere. To be the go-to brand you must provide quick, informative solutions.

If Millennials are your target, use these tactics for a greater reach and engagement.

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