Rebranding a company is relatively simple: you start with a brief, you huddle together with a team, you come up with ideas, you present those ideas to the client, you make changes, you collaborate, you throw out some good ideas and you work steadily toward a goal. You rely on the talents of a large number of people to achieve a result that ensures you’ve answered the brief and then some. But when the company you’re rebranding is your own, that’s another story. The stakes shift. They are far more personal.

Spafax Content Marketing and Forward Worldwide recently went through this process. The end result is a company called Bookmark Content and Communications, a part of the Spafax Group, itself a part of tenthavenue, which is itself a part of WPP. (Still with me?)

"The toast ushering in the new company," by Jordan Van Aken, Jenna Bascom Photography

“A toast ushering in the new company,” by Jordan Van Aken, Jenna Bascom Photography

Bookmark is positioned as the global content and communications company, with offices in nine cities (or “neighborhoods” in Lima, London, LA, Montreal, New York, Santiago, Singapore, Shanghai and Toronto) on four continents bringing together more than 200 employees. The new entity can create media in any medium, using all channels, and includes PR and marketing capabilities. Bookmark will continue to work with Spafax teams seamlessly with each other as they have done for years.Bookmark is as much a culture as it is a company. We believe in excellent storytelling, be they on the printed page or in one-of-a-kind events. In rebranding the company, we used our collective talents to face the challenge of being global while respecting local cultures. We wanted to create a name and a culture that showcased our multimedia capabilities, that proved we are completely platform agnostic, and that was well understood across all cultures and all age groups. We liked Bookmark for these reasons, and also that it was a noun as well as an active verb.

“Beautiful custom made chocolates colored the evening,” Photography by Jordan Van Aken for Jenna Bascom Photography

“Custom made boxes of chocolates colored the evening,” by Jordan Van Aken for Jenna Bascom Photography

We can work and think in different languages and time zones: our logo work was done in three cities (with input from many more), as was our new website. Doing the rebranding internally was our first test case, a kind of proof of concept that we could do what we set out to do. That we could walk the talk, as it were.

At our launch event (the first of many) at New York’s tremendous Eleven Madison Park, a tone of collaboration, global ambition, and attention to the highest standards was firmly established. It was an exciting (and delicious) start, a tantalizing opening chapter for Bookmark.

“The Bookmark lightbox lit up the room,” by Jordan Van Aken, Jenna Bascom Photography

“The Bookmark lightbox lit up the room,” by Jordan Van Aken, Jenna Bascom Photography