The world’s elite have a few things in common. Like their fondness for trucks.

A rich man is nothing but a poor man with money. – W. C. Fields

Say someone’s “rich” and you’re bound to get a reaction one way or the other. While we all aspire to wealth, “rich” means something different. It’s a broader word. Say “luxury” and you think something else. Or at least lots of things. A Venn diagram of these three words and their meanings would make for an interesting…infographic. Finally, luxury is, probably, the broadest word in that grouping.

Luxury is eclectic. That’s why there is a Luxury Brands division here at Bookmark. Our list of luxury clients is long and varied – from watches to finance to jewelry to business jets – so we know something about the wealthy. And about wealth. But that doesn’t mean we know everything.

Like the fact that the number one vehicle the wealthy purchase is a…truck. Or that the wealthy are into thrift shops. And shopping at WalMart. The shopping habits of anyone is a fascinating look into culture. But it’s also a reminder that everyone shops for simple reasons.

And let’s not forget that high net worth individuals got that way not by spending frivolously. They saved. And saved. And saved.

That may be the key takeaway of our colorful Data Story infographic, that you can find here exclusively.

The Spending Habits of the Wealthy Infographic

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