Infographic Reading Habits of Canadian Aspirational Millennials

We, too, are getting a little tired of all this talk about “Millennials.” Sure, there’s no denying their economic might. And as the largest generation since the Boomers (there’s another word), more and more attention will be paid to all things Millennial.

Like 18-32 year olds everywhere, Canadians Millennials are setting trends, disrupting various markets, and generally changing things up. That’s what generations do.

This Data Story represents a cohort of ambitious Millennials who have just entered the job market and are on their way up. They like to read, and are open minded travelers. In other words, they sound like interesting people. So stop with the “Millennials are Ruining X” headlines. They aren’t ruining anything; the kids are all right.

As part of an exhaustive study we carried out on Millennials (with a white paper due in the coming weeks) we examined what we’re calling the rise of the Canadian “Aspirational Elite” and their love of all things print. In other words, what’s old is new again.Infographic-The Reading Habits of the Aspirational Elite Flyer

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