What are Millennials really looking for when they travel? And why are they so connected throughout their #vacay? Let a Millennial explain.

Every industry wants to court Millennials and the travel industry is no exception. (We are, after all, the largest demographic and so courting us is good business.) It’s good news then that we Millennials love traveling, whether it’s for business or leisure. We’re endless explorers thirsty for knowledge, and prefer to travel to learn something new. We’re also prone to taking last minute trips to satisfy our wanderlust.

In the past, business travel was merely an added benefit of the job, but today, Millennials base their entire career decisions around the ability to travel, generating a completely new concept — “Bleisure” travel (yes, this is a thing). Mixing business with leisure.

Oh and, before you assume we are just Snapchating/Instagramming and posting everything from our vacations to our every meal – we’re also well informed, constantly consuming information, and looking for choices, with a very significant emphasis on “choices”.

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Millennials are also known to be the leaders of the “Experience Economy”, with 72% of us choosing to spend more money on experiences than material goods. We look for something intangible that can enrich our life. We collect experiences the way our grandparents once collected stamps.

We are sharing and consuming more content on more channels and devices than ever. The desire to document every moment of #vacation — and to post images, videos and other information publicly — has significant implications for the travel sector.

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