Events, conferences and “experiences” are an opportune time to connect with (and convert) your target audience, and create even more engaging content. This is exactly what the APEX Media team does every year at the APEX EXPO.

Content marketing at events creates a valuable ecosystem of information for your audience whether it’s printed, online or otherwise. It’s the ideal occasion to attract interest and leverage your media brand, while enhancing the reach of your client’s message. “This event is one of the few times in the year we get to interact in person with our audience,” specifies Caroline Ku, APEX Media Managing Editor, about their yearly work at the APEX EXPO conference. As this event is the occasion to gain new audiences, the APEX Media team prepares for it weeks in advance and works tirelessly during the event to ensure a flow of rich and engaging content.

Take a look at all the content they produced during the event to capture the attention of the 3,000 attendees in this Data Story.

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See the full case study (with video) for how we engaged the APEX EXPO attendees with behind-the-scenes event coverage.

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