Bookmark 2018: Our year in-review 2018

An international office exchange, 360˚ content programs, new clients and much more!

The end of the year is a time for taking stock and moving forward. A time of cautious optimism (for the record, this has been the busiest December ever). A time for tradition.

One of our traditions at Bookmark is to share our year with an infographic. It allows us to boast – but tastefully. It shows how we’ve grown – literally and figuratively. It allows us to speak to what we’re most proud of and what we aspire to as a company. And it demonstrates our creative chops.

This year’s infographic also (re)introduces the world to our PUG (Pick-Up-and-Go) program, something we launched this year and hope to expand in 2019. What’s a PUG (besides an overly cute dog)? Essentially, it’s a talent exchange. And the first few have worked far better than we expected them to.

The year-end infographic also has another purpose: to remind ourselves that we do pretty great work, that all the hard work is worth it, that we are lucky to work alongside amazingly talented colleagues in all of our neighborhoods, and that we are thankful for the quality and vision of our clients.

Happy Holidays,
Simon Hobbs and Raymond Girard
CEOs, Bookmark Content and Communications

Click image below to view the infographic:
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