Working from home together

How a simple email led to a case study in social connection across barriers.

Bookmark is a global company with offices and clients around the world. This means that we naturally have to work in all sorts of places: home, hotels, airports, cafes: hopping across our “neighborhoods” (that’s what we call our offices) has its challenges.

Given the collaborative nature of our work, with teams in multiple offices, you can often find us in chatrooms or on a video call with another colleague. In this sense, we telecommute all the time. But the Coronavirus has upended everyone, and with office closures in many parts of the world (and with some of our “neighborhoods” in virtual lockdown) keeping in touch with each other and our clients has been even more challenging.

And then, one morning this week, a colleague sent a photo of his workstation at home. Another colleague did the same. And on and on it went, colleagues sharing their workspaces, emails spanning countries and continents. This led to personal messages, comments and group jokes. The result: a surprising – and joyous – feeling of togetherness, and a simple and deeply personal way to connect to the people we work with each and every day.

Here’s a quick view of some of the workplaces of Bookmarkers around the world (and their…assistants!). We continue our work. And will continue to do so. Just some of us might be wearing our pyjamas.

Bookmarkers working from home

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