International Women’s Day Each for Equal

This International Women’s Day, we asked some of our colleagues what Each for Equal means to them.

Beyond celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, International Women’s Day serves as a call to action for accelerating gender parity. The 2020 campaign, “Each for Equal,” highlights the notion of collective individualism – the idea that our individual actions, conversations, behaviors and mindsets can have an impact on our larger society, for the greater good. This International Women’s Day, we’re looking to the international women of Bookmark to find out what the campaign theme represents for them – personally, and at work.

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What does “Each for Equal” mean to you?

To drive true equality requires you to understand and recognize your own advantages in order to help build up those around you. We need to value the life experiences and harness the talents that we all bring to the table from our different walks of life to create a more inclusive, welcoming and equal society. – Julia Morrow, Account Director, London

It’s an aspiration for a time when we don’t wrap each person’s value into the way they present. That this would be as normal as breathing air. – Mary Shaw, Senior Ad Production Manager, Toronto

Each for equal means being treated on the same footing not just if you are a woman but no matter your race, religion or sexual orientation. That you are perceived as the person you are not what you are. – Stefanie Sosiak, Art Director, Air Canada enRoute, Montreal

I think Each for Equal as a concept tries to include men in the women and gender diversity equality fight, to make it an everyone fight. I think it’s a good and noble idea, but at least for Chile, very difficult. – Angélica Geisse, Graphic Designer, Santiago

It means unity, hope, justice and compassion. Living life lovingly and respectively of each other with no bias. – Penny Clements, Art Director, Fabric Magazine, London

To me, Each for Equal is about a personal responsibility to be intentional, thoughtful and compassionate and to let those principles inform how I interact with the world. As individuals, it’s easy to be lulled into complacency in the face of the status quo, but our everyday actions and interactions can create momentum and lay the groundwork for real change. – Rebecca Riordon, Content Marketing Specialist, Montreal

Each for Equal, to me means everybody supporting and rooting for each other. It’s people wanting to see other grow and shine, sharing their privileges and opening the doors for others. – Aleksandra Pawlowska, Strategist, London

Bookmark colleagues Each for Equal pose

How do you bring the values of #EachforEqual into your every day in the workplace?

At work we’ve all got to take the responsibility to ensure there’s an equal representation of men and women when required. And that everyone, regardless of gender has the opportunity to put forward an idea, question a suggestion and progress within their field. And I think that’s something that Bookmark culture already does so well. – Hannah Foy, Content Manager, London

I challenge myself to “unlearn” the ideas of how we are supposed to act or speak at work, what roles we should or shouldn’t take on. Even as a woman I’m not immune to that bias, and it’s a matter of recognizing it in order to change. Also, I strive to celebrate and encourage other women around me – there’s enough success to go around. – Renée Morrison, Senior Editor, Luxury and Lifestyle Group, Montreal

Ensuring that not only you, but that everyone else around you has their voice and opinions heard, and their individual needs validated. Even if conversations can be awkward, we are all responsible for challenging inequality when we see it, even in the workplace. – Abby Robson, Social Media Executive, London

I bring these values into the workplace by thanking the diversity of my colleagues, and considering it as a complement and balance in our day-to-day – our differences make us grow as a human being and in our work. I try to focus on growing even more with an attitude of respect for the ideas, way of work and nature of each member of our Bookmark workplace and family. – Katherine Molgaard, Production Manager, Santiago

I bring these values into my everyday by treating people around me with respect; by valuing their opinions no matter their gender, color or religion, by supporting them by listening and taking time for them no matter their background or position in the company. If they feel valued, listened to and included it is more likely they will be more productive and the more productive you are the more empowered you will be, which is so good also for mental health. – Emilia Benavides, Purchase Ledger Clerk, London

By treating everyone with exactly the same level of respect. As the mum of a teenage boy I’m also keen to encourage these values at home too! – Becky Pomfret, Deputy Account Director, Fabric Magazine, London

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