Business traveler

Despite the unprecedented stress of recent events, and the sheer amount of noise out there, we at Bookmark are continuing to work on behalf of our clients.

In the weeks to come, we’re going to be hearing that business travel is “dead” and that it will never revive. The media will be full of stories along the lines of “the business traveler is gone for good… she won’t be back!”.

But one of the benefits of having been around this industry for 25 years is that I’ve heard it before. Many times. The refrain following 9/11 and SARS was the same: “Business travel is gone and the change is permanent. It’s done for good!”.

But the pundits were wrong then – and they’ll be wrong this time too. Although the impact of Covid-19 does seem worse than those crises, I’m certain that business travel will indeed rebound – and strongly.


Because business is a more global affair than it was then, and we crave human connection – even in business! There’s a reason there are more and more trade shows and conferences than ever before.

But don’t just take it from me. Financial Times’ Business Travel columnist Michael Skapinker said exactly that – though far more eloquently: “We are a restless species, always curious to see what’s around the corner. For all the grumbling business travellers do, there is still a thrill of setting off for a favourite city or for somewhere new. The business travellers will be back.”

Bottom line: I can’t think of a company better equipped to help in the restoration of travel after this is all done. We have travel in our DNA at Spafax and Bookmark. That’s what makes us special – and that will never change.

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