Producing fast content hamburger ingredients

We’re hearing more and more about fast (or quick) content. Which is, quite literally, content that can be turned around quickly. But producing relevant and effective content is not so simple. If it were, everyone would do it and do it well. Right?

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Ideally, fast content requires two things: a well-organized agency/team structure combined with a great client. You don’t absolutely need the great client but it helps. A lot. We can even create an equation for this: A + C = F.

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First things first: Organize your team(s). You need a group that can be deployed quickly. These team members need to be versatile in their skills and interests. And they need to be used to reacting in a nimble manner. They need lots of autonomy. And open, flexible leadership….

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…And trust. The key to a strong team is trust. If the client feels the trust within the team, they will trust you as well. Clients are busy people. They want you to get it right so they don’t have to hover over you.

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For fast content to work, the client needs to produce an excellent brief. An agency can help that along by creating smart templates. Lead the client to their promised land by not losing them with the wrong questions. Smart templates = smart briefs = fast content. More math!

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Fast execution, then, is the result of optimal systems. Production. Moving the work along. Knowing when to stop working. Knowing when enough’s enough (which may be the hardest skill to master). And then selling it through to the client with confidence.

And then….food. Celebrate. Live a little. Because the next client ask is coming…fast.