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A lot of work goes into a magazine to make it memorable.

Each issue of Fabric, the London luxury lifestyle and property magazine, kick starts by deciding who our cover star will be for the upcoming month. It is important that our talent, for every issue, has some personal connection to London; whether they live, lived, grew up here or have been working on a recent project in London. We are so lucky to have so much at our doorstep here in London that it’s not difficult to come across someone working on something cool each month of the year!

Ellise Chappell cover story fabric magazine

Ellise Chappell’s cover story for Fabric.

As we don’t usually know the talents personally (and we wish we did), we have developed many great relationships with celebrity management companies to find the right person for our covers. We will normally pick a few talents for a single issue which makes deciding who makes the final cut quite tricky. At the end of the day, it comes down to who is available at the right time and who has the most current body of work. These relationships with talent companies have come about through hard work over the years and by making sure that they are always involved in the conversation.

Planning a magazine from start to finish

Fabric’s May 2019 flatplan.

Our Editor, Liz, and myself will try to plan the lineup as far ahead as we can which allows us to plan carefully, use the best creative teams, studios and really focus on what it is we want to achieve.

planning a magazine photoshoot


Once our talent is confirmed, an initial moodboard is drafted showing ideas on the direction the shoot could take. We usually draft two or three potential routes and circulate these around the team to gather their thoughts. We are a small team so it is important that everyone is kept up to speed with what is happening as things can develop and change quickly.

Once we have decided a route, our Photography Director and myself work closely to make sure that we have the right team for the job. Our Picture Desk team is constantly scouting for new talents in the photography world to help keep our work looking fresh and moving with the times. We decide first on the photographer then follow up by finding the right fashion, hair and makeup artists for the job.

Ellise Chappell magazine contact sheet fabric

Each photoshoot is shot primarily on digital but lately we have been shooting more on film. It’s slower pace but in exchange you get a beautiful intimacy and depth to the image that is easy to loose with digital. I personally enjoy the element of surprise as there is no laptop screen to catch a glimpse of what is going on and you have to wait a couple of days for the film to be sent off and developed. Very classic.

We receive requests from renowned photographers and publicists who notice the work we do for Fabric: covers, content and videos we share online and social media.

We put a lot of energy into social content as it is important for us to we give our readers exclusive content. For every issue, we shoot a behind-the-scenes video which helps our readers connect and engage with the brand. Who doesn’t like to get a sneak peek at what goes on during a photoshoot?

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