the case for crafted content

The quality is in the craft.

In the past decade, “content” has grown from a specific tech (and broadcast) focused term to encompass…everything. And as with every other word that means “everything,” content morphed into meaning…nothing. And yet, the world produces masses of content, across all media, some of it quite good, but much of it…not so good.

No matter what metric one uses, much content doesn’t work. It’s just content for contents’ sake, it plugs up the internet, it overloads the television grid, it takes screen time at the local multiplex and, yes, it overwhelms the magazine rack. If you’re in the content business, and especially if you’re in the content marketing business, how does one distinguish themselves as an agency? How to show that the content you’re creating is worth it, moves the dial, and does what you claim its supposed to do?

First, admit that content is a loyalty tool. Nothing more. Brand loyalty is increasingly difficult to earn and maintain and content can prove especially effective at doing so. At Bookmark, our unique selling point (USP) is the mix of content PLUS experiences. But, again, “content” doesn’t mean anything anymore. Not without context.

A few years back, we started hearing the term “curated content” – which meant, really, nothing more than an edited compilation of content from various sources. That’s a skill, sure, and the best curated e-newsletters (for example, the APEX Daily Experience newsletter) are a valuable tool to cut through the internet’s content glut.

Lately, I’ve taken to using the term “crafted content.” Craft implies quality and thought and talent and fits quite snugly in a world where “editor-in-chief” is once again being called the “job of the future,” where not all content endures, and where print is seen more and more as a new form of luxury, something I’ve long argued. You can see craft in more than just the quality of the words and images on a printed or web page. You see it in an overall strategy that combines various media seamlessly to create a coherent overall message. You see it in the complex but also in the singular, even lonely, perch of an Instagram message where the quality of the overall post shows fantastic levels of user engagement. Yes, quality does equal craft, but overall craft is a magic trick, an invisible thing that holds the reader/viewer in thrall of the work without their even knowing it. Real craft leads to real engagement.

Crafted content + experiences, it turns out, are not just a valid, but a very marketable USP, one that smart brands the world over want and, increasingly, need.

Bookmark works with brands to develop customized content programs that resonate with their audiences and drive engagement, turning every opportunity into a compelling and measurable experience.

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