enRoute redesign

enRoute Editor-in-Chief Jody Sugrue breaks down the bold new media strategy that pushes Air Canada’s editorial imprint beyond the physical magazine and into digital and social spaces.

In its ambitious new incarnation, enRoute occupies a larger footprint, using new channels to reach people who may be considering the brand and building out their experience in new ways. New conduits create touchpoints before a journey, during a journey and after a journey.

A New enRoute

We wanted to create a publication that would rival the world’s foremost authorities on all things culture and travel, and that could hold its own on a newsstand. To define a new design and editorial strategy that would better resonate with an evolving demographic of readers and advertisers, we went deep into the brand and thought about how to bring its essence into the editorial space, across all channels.

Visually, it needed to align with Air Canada simplicity, and pay homage with aviation-inspired details. And because quiet and introspection define the moments when readers encounter enRoute, we knew we had to invest in a rich reading experience. The new enRoute is elevated, but not elitist. It amplifies Canadian values, and conveys unique depth, insight and curation on the world that Air Canada gives people access to. We tapped into the abundant cultural capital at our disposal to position Air Canada as a global tastemaker, and in doing so established a consistent aesthetic and voice that makes enRoute unique and memorable in the print, digital and social spaces it occupies.

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In Print

The magazine itself leans into what print does best – a tactile, intimate place for deeper thought. We’re presenting a unique outlook on the world and telling stories that resonate emotionally and have the potential to change a point of view. Bold and cinematic design and photography complete the perspective. Reading the print magazine is a trip in itself; it’s planned, with occasional unexpected moments.

enRoute redesign digital

enRoute digital magazine

The Digital Experience

enRoute moves at a comparatively accelerated pace in the digital space, where timely and shareable content extends our reach and keeps readers engaged between issues. We’re answering travelers’ questions and establishing the brand as a valuable source of knowledge and information with resources like city guides.

enRoute social media

enRoute social media channels: Instagram

Social Communities

On our social channels, enRoute enters public discourse in real-time, applying its distinctive point of view to global conversations and relevant events. Here we’re building a connected community around all things culture and travel by telling dynamic stories that have a strong sense of place – through collaborations with photographers or creators, promoting our digital content, and experimenting with new ideas to bring into the digital and print spaces.

enRoute brand partnerships

September fashion issue brand partnership with Chanel

Brand Partnerships

We’ve also created valuable new revenue streams by partnering with brands within the editorial space – a collaboration with Chanel was at the heart of our September fashion issue. Partnerships like this one hint at a new model for the future of content, one that recognizes the enormous potential of pairing content and commerce.

The new enRoute launched July 1, making a bold impression and registering another milestone for Air Canada. With the shift in approach, Air Canada has entered the cultural conversation in a rich way, defining itself as not just an airline but a company that delivers remarkable experiences.

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