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Just a month ago in Santiago, Chile, I was checking out at my local supermarket when they told me that by law, plastic bags will no longer be included with my groceries. Confused, I had to make a choice: buy a reusable bag or continue adding plastic trash to the kilos of waste we pile up around us.

In the debate about how to reduce our carbon footprint, and the economic and social impact of all of our productive processes, responsibility falls on us and the people behind these industries. And the publishing world, whose chain culminates in print and paper, should consider product traceability and process sustainability as part of its priorities.

The paper we use for the VAMOS magazine is manufactured through controlled logging and sustainable production, same goes for other publications.

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We work with seven printers in seven countries throughout Latin America, and each of them has forestry management certifications, like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Program for Endorsement of Certification Systems (PEFC), which incorporate variables like risk management and traceability.

Our partner printers also prioritize recycling bits of paper, they collect and separate blank paper from printed paper to sell it to companies that recycle it. Thanks to this process, between 390 and 523 tons are reused every month.

As content marketers we know that the editorial, design, and art work we do translates into an experience worthy of its own time and place. But – regardless of how nice it looks – a magazine leaves a footprint. In a few years from now, it will no longer be acceptable to produce and consume single-use items that take years – and sometimes even decades – to break down.

We, at Bookmark, are globally committed to creating sustainably sourced publications.

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