How Bookmark teams are winning over clients and advertised audiences

In content marketing we often sell advertising for clients to fund (or part-fund) the work we do for them. At Bookmark these clients include Air Canada’s enRoute magazine and Tesco Baby Club among others. This means our sales teams are responsible for selling advertising to brands to be placed into content that is already branded (for our client). This can present challenges from a protective client or even our Editor, often the key brand guardian within the agency.

I often refer to this skill as ‘balancing a triangle on the head of a pin’. Coming up with a solution that keeps the client, Bookmark’s editorial team and the brand happy is no mean feat!

The best results come when you have intelligent and empathetic sales people – who understand the client’s brand, the advertiser’s brand and relish a consultative rather than a hard sell. To succeed, it is essential they understand and are up-to-date with the editorial strategy and content plan, so they can spot opportunities early and target them at the right advertiser to maximize the sale.

There are times when we bring in clever folk from the editorial team to meet advertisers so we can think up truly creative solutions that fit that brand.

Recently, on Tesco Baby Club, we developed a recipe hub for a baby food company that, at first glance, might seem counter intuitive. So why would a company that makes baby food want to tell mums and dads how to cook their own baby food? Firstly, the sales person understood the W.H.O. and E.U. guidelines for providing information on weaning that Tesco Baby Club must follow. They also knew that their client (at the baby food brand) understood this and wanted to broaden their message. When they linked this to an editorial need for more recipes – the synergies began to fall into place.

Selling in this way offers multiple benefits starting with advertising solutions that are right for our client and most importantly their customers, and in turn the advertiser. On top of that we develop sophisticated sales people who work well with our editorial teams, and get a chance to think laterally.