Year in Review

Given the festive tradition of looking back and moving forward, at Bookmark we like to end the year by sharing an annual infographic – a visual and interactive encapsulation of what the past twelve months have represented for us and for our clients.

This time, we have compiled a few favorite pieces from the Bookmark This blog and from around the internet. Together they tell the story of why 2019 was most definitely an interesting year in, and for, content marketing. These were some of the bigger themes:

Doing became a desirable alternative to consuming for many, and pop-ups, activations, and festivals were everywhere. It made for a big year for our PR and experiential marketing team, who were kept busy executing experience-driven events and launches on behalf of new and existing clients.

This year, more brands sought to leverage the uniquely satisfying appeal of luxury magazines. It’s indicative of something we’ve known for a long time – print lives on. Anxiety over the future of words on paper has fizzled and given way to a more interesting narrative. The way forward is refined, collectable, and even a little indulgent.

We’ve also seen the ascension of Gen Z, who have congregated in a corner of the internet where fifteen-second DIY video clips are king. Everyone is eager to capture the attention of this elusive demographic, as they are expected to account for as much as 40% of all consumers at some point in 2020. Integrating social media and e-commerce is likely just the beginning.

And finally, we’ve noticed brands increasingly galvanized to use their platforms as a force for good. From modeling responsible business principles (like inclusivity and transparency) to making concerted contributions to causes that matter to the individuals and communities they serve – it’s nice to do good. And if done well and with authenticity, it can also be profitable.

It’s been a year of inspired and inspiring thinking and creating, and we’re immensely proud of what we’ve accomplished in 2019. We’re looking forward to another year well-spent working alongside talented colleagues and clients, whose big ideas lead to bold moments.

All the best for 2020,

Simon Hobbs
CEO, Bookmark Content and Communications

Year in Review

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