But not every kind of agency can do content marketing properly.

A few years back, before content became a “thing” (or a word), you started to hear early adopters saying “everything is content.” They were right, of course, but I don’t know that they fully understood how this simple aphorism would upend the agency world. Because if everything was, indeed, content, then every agency was a content marketing agency. Even if they didn’t know it.

Today, there are few agencies, whether they specialize in CRM or marketing or brand or design or PR, that don’t claim to be content marketers. And this hasn’t been helpful to agencies that brand themselves as such. Like us. We have seen every type of agency stake a claim on content. Fair enough. But this is the year I think content marketing agencies fight back, and reclaim their turf. Content is great, but it rests on solid marketing strategy that goes way beyond content. (Indeed, my colleague Arjun Basu has received an incredible amount of mileage by once saying “without strategy content is just stuff” – go ahead and Google it).

This doesn’t mean content isn’t “king” but there is a growing realization that getting content right is…hard. And best left to the experts.

And this is also true – the kind of content marketer you are is determined by what you were:

  • Digital agencies often create content that feels like it was written for Google and not the end user.
  • PR agencies create content experiences that read like a press release and not a brand story.
  • Ad agencies create content that feels like a long form ad or native advertising.
  • Traditional media often struggles to create content that works for a reader AND a brand/client.

Why? Your DNA is hard to shake.

And that’s where Bookmark comes in. We’ve been doing content marketing since before we knew to call it content marketing, by creating content that connects brands and their customers through story. It’s what we do best. We’ve added to our DNA since then but at our core, we’re storytellers, crafting brand stories for a targeted audience. And because we agree that “everything is content” we have moved into PR and experiential marketing, to cite two examples.

Our DNA is hard to shake, too. We are content marketers. And we’re proud to call ourselves that.