Toshi Nikkei

One restaurant’s journey from gorgeous food to digital content.

Nikkei cuisine has played an important role in Peru’s recent culinary boom. A wide array of restaurants are offering this unique mix of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. If you draw a Venn Diagram with Japanese food and Peruvian, Nikkei would land right at the intersection.

Toshi, a restaurant in Lima, stands out as the most authentically Japanese restaurant in the city thanks to its creator, itamae (sushi chef) Tonishiro Konishi, known as the father of Nikkei cuisine in Peru. For the past 40 years and until his passing last year, Toshiro traveled through Peru in search of the freshest and most authentic ingredients to create his quintessentially Peruvian cuisine.

This honest approach to authenticity and ingredients is key to what Toshi has to offer, and is the main idea behind the new digital strategy for their website, and Facebook and Instagram accounts, with Twitter and Pinterest accounts to follow.

For a long time – perhaps too long – Toshi’s social media presence was strategy-free and static as the restaurant evolved, changed names, opened new locations, and found a new itamae (Santiny de los Santos) in the wake of Toshi’s passing. The new content, developed by Bookmark’s Lima office, seeks to create greater intimacy with Toshi’s clientele while announcing the brand on social media. We have focused on Toshi’s story and the opening of a new restaurant in one of Lima’s most modern financial centers.

The history. The cuisine. The passion. And the ambition. That’s a compelling story and one that informs our strategy for one of Peru’s landmark cuisines.