The smart folk at Buzzfeed are bringing content to the world of…appliances.

I’m an old guy. I’m not ashamed to admit that. My job titles through the years mirror my age and the changes in the content industry. I started as an “editor” and that morphed into a “content director” and then lead of “content strategy” and now my title includes the unglamorous and catch-all word “product.” Just to be clear: we do not manufacture widgets. We still deal with words and pictures and all manner of gimmickry to get consumers to engage with our clients’ brands. But we sell services and things and talent and these are all, in their own way, products. We’ve always sold products. We are merely responding to the changes in the industry. Because it has changed. A lot. To the point where Buzzfeed, which has done their own fair share of disruption are now launching…actual products. Things you have to manufacture. Like this. I fear I may have to rethink my title. Again.