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Our agency celebrates its two-year anniversary.

It’s always important to take a moment and look back on what you’ve accomplished after some time has gone by. And we’ve done just that by compiling some of the best work we’ve created over the past two years across our global offices in Santiago, Montreal, Toronto and London. Below our animated reel, we’ve asked our staff to tell us some stories about the presented campaigns. Enjoy!

blink magazine cannes issue uk

Blink magazine
Designing a special issue of Mediacom’s flagship magazine for the Cannes Lions festival was a challenge – especially when the theme was the power of creativity. Finding a visual language that did it justice (and could render complex ideas around strategy, data and tech) involved some serious creative firepower from the design team, picture desk and a stellar line-up of illustrators, especially with a hard deadline that was set in stone.
-Karen Heaney, Head of Editorial, Business & Finance, Bookmark London


Air canada enroute magazine canadas best new restaurants 2018

Canada’s Best New Restaurants 2018, Air Canada enRoute
Year over year, Canada’s Best New Restaurants has allowed the Bookmark Toronto and Montreal offices to truly come together and collaborate. This program is the product of the many brilliant and innovative minds at Bookmark, while also allowing Air Canada enRoute to be at the forefront of the incredible culinary landscape across Canada. Most importantly, it means we personally are ahead of the trend, and make reservations at the (soon-to-be) hottest new spots in Canada every year.
-Yonnie Chan, Senior Project Manager, Bookmark Toronto


enroute magazine behind the scenes photoshoot 2018

Air Canada enRoute magazine
This was our last of shot of the day. It was the perfect ending to a long day of work, to overlook the city in the Casa da Música with its modern homage to the blue tiling you see everywhere around the city.
-Stefanie Sosiak, Art Director of Air Canada enRoute, Bookmark Montreal


Patek philippe magazine chinese shadow puppets

Patek Philippe magazine
After more than 20 years in production, finding new ideas that engage a global audience of sophisticated readers is a challenge, but one our team rises to every issue. At the Wang family studio in Xi’an, China, a father and daughter team synthesize traditional and contemporary forms of shadow puppet theatre. Despite the language barrier, our photographer Ben Quinton captured the process in incredible detail, though we could only show a small part of a craft that has taken several lifetimes to perfect. In the digital age, there are fewer opportunities to encounter things we have not seen before or which touch us emotionally, but we want the Patek Philippe magazine to move people, to surprise and intrigue.
-Kathy Anne Lim, Assistant Picture Editor, Bookmark London


explora hotel and exploration atacama desert
explora Hotels & Explorations
Feel the remoteness of the Atacama Desert was the message behind the third of a series of four productions in explora’s remote hotel locations. This campaign allowed us to explore the highlands and salt flats of Chile where we hiked, cycled and rode horses at more than 4,000 meters above sea level. The campaign captivated Brazilian audiences exceeding target goals.
-Sebastian Melo de Luca, Director of Content Strategy, Bookmark Santiago


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Fabric magazine
In the past, we bought in all celebrity interviews and stock cover images for Fabric, but we’ve been building relationships with publicists and are now inundated with offers to interview and shoot people every issue. Lily Newmark was beautiful inside and out, and we had lots of fun playing with tropical flower and leaves as props (which had been in an arrangement on the reception desk at the office that we saved from the bin!).
-Liz Skone James, Editor, Bookmark London


investors group more website homepage 2018

Investors Group MORE
It’s been exciting to see how Bookmark converts financial content into readable, interesting and fun articles!
-Jen Gorman, Senior Project Manager, Luxury Brands, Bookmark Montreal


StreetSmart stephan fry charity homeless foundation

StreetSmart Foundation
The simplest ideas are the best – 20 years of adding £1 to restaurant diners’ bills has raised more than £8m for homelessness charities. And simplicity was at the heart of Giles Duley’s extraordinary portraiture for the StreetSmart 20th anniversary book. In his hands the camera is truly democratic: fundraisers, world-famous chefs, restaurateurs, charity workers and individuals who had experienced homelessness were all photographed against a plain white sheet in natural light. The result? Stunning portraits, in which the individual’s humanity, not their status, shines through.
-Karen Heaney, Head of Editorial, Business & Finance, Bookmark London


Bombardier magazine fall cover 2018

Experience, Bombardier Business Aircraft magazine
The client was really excited about this cover and the new direction it took. It was a step away from the traditional.
-Jen Gorman, Senior Project Manager, Luxury Brands, Bookmark Montreal


APEX Experience – Airline Passenger Experience magazine
Illustrations allow APEX to simplify complex concepts, like putting an airplane seat in the middle of a forest to explain meditation as a means to reduce one’s fear of flying (illustrated by Fabrizio Morra) or second-screen in-flight entertainment by Jorge de la Paz who managed to include our 6.1 cover on the magazine rack below the TV screen, which I find extremely fun. We use artwork to further concepts that cannot be photographed or otherwise explain.
-Nicolas Venturelli, Art Director, APEX Experience, Bookmark Montreal


Photo: Alex Thomson Racing/Lloyd Images

Mercedes-Benz magazine
Even if you’re not a “car person”, the magazine has always had great appeal as it has something for everyone. Our editorial team focuses on topics from travel to new technology and architecture.
-Jen Gorman, Senior Project Manager, Luxury Brands, Bookmark Montreal


tesco baby club campaign video

Tesco Baby Club
In our industry they say never work with children or animals. Organizing a video shoot like this can be a challenge, especially when you’re trying to keep babies happy and smiling for the camera. We’ve become experts at pulling funny faces and doing silly gestures off camera over the years – the things you do for the perfect footage!
-Jonathan Owens, Digital Art Director, Bookmark London


Mendoza vamos latam magazine
VAMOS/Latam magazine and IFE
When the team and I were in Mendoza, we had one job – to locate the best destinations in Mendoza for the VAMOS platform. We got to experience great food, mountains, wineries and hot springs which is where this image was taken after a relaxing afternoon at the spa. After three days, the team and I gathered the editorial and photography content destined for the September issue of VAMOS magazine and in-flight screens.
-Beatriz Chavez, Production Director, Bookmark Santiago


Tourism Toronto 2018

Tourism Toronto magazine
Working on the Tourism Toronto projects, it’s always fun to learn new things about the city even though I was born and raised here! (And I always have copies on hand to give to out-of-towners and visiting relatives :).
-Marc Tavas, Project Manager, Luxury & Lifestyle Brands, Bookmark Toronto


bookmark 2 year anniversary video conference between offices

A global video conference of sorts to celebrate remotely! Pictured here: Toronto, Montreal, Santiago and London.