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Advertising, launches and why marketing needs to adapt, not stop: stories and resources worth bookmarking this week.

As we enter another week of working from home, there are signs that some parts of the world are exiting their downturn. China, first in, looks to be first out. Hotels are being built. Venture capital is back there, which is good. Even baseball is back in its own fashion. In such an unprecedented situation, it’s best to watch closely as different regions emerge in their own way from the crisis.

The ad business is struggling. This is no surprise. The rules have changed, even how to pitch. The tone of ads has changed. Consumer trends are all over the place and difficult to analyze properly. Which makes planning difficult. And in certain sectors, where survival is at stake, some marketers are looking at reinvention.

And yet…launches are still being planned and taking place. Some big. New business is happening. (We’re still pitching in offices around the world.) Podcast numbers aren’t down, just different. Instagram is making important changes. Lots of them. There is now a digital magazine for influencers by influencers. And despite the challenges in the ad market, print numbers are up and even the biggest news websites have seen record traffic on the back of the coronavirus. Let’s hope this continues and that advertisers follow suit.

Because marketing should never stop. It should change and adapt, but ceasing all marketing is a mistake that leads to long-term brand damage. And this means content marketing is more important than ever; content is a long term strategy that is also agile and can function amidst noise.

We don’t know what normal might mean anymore. After all, we live in a world where kids are holding PowerPoint parties. Where new television series are being “filmed in quarantine” and online as a rule. Where travel is more virtual than reality. The creative spirit of all sorts of people is an inspiration. And should be seen as more than a sign of hope; they are examples of our enduring resiliency.

Stay safe and healthy.


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