Being in sales means constantly evolving to keep up with client needs. Here’s how to do it like a pro.

I’ve been in sales for a while and not one day goes by that I don’t fear where the next buck is going to come from. But that’s sales; it’s a treacherous game of knowing the right people, connecting with them at the right time, constantly impressing them, and ensuring your pipeline is full. Much like every other year, new media sales trends will emerge in 2017, and I’ll be incorporating them into my ever-involving sales strategy. And so should you. Here they are:

1. Create A Community
Brands like to feel that they are part of  a community of like-minded brands working together to create engaging experiences. Build case studies, testimonials, anything you can, to show that the community you’re selling is cool and relevant and worthy of their time.

2. Become A Data Bank
All sales organizations must have the backend operations engine to drive smart pitches. Don’t start a project without the numbers to back it up. Knowledge is a valuable commodity. Leverage it and incorporate insightful data into every pitch.

3. Pamper Your Rainmakers
Every sales organization needs a few awesome closers aka: rainmakers. Listen to their needs and make sure they have the support needed to quickly get back on the street to close more deals.

4. Sell It With Social
Leverage your network! Create fun and interesting ways to stand out in the social space. Make some noise and outdo your competition.

5. Be Adaptable
Just because you’re in sales, doesn’t mean you can’t work with PR or accounts. Be a weaver and know who has the power and relationships to help you close deals.

My team is constantly evolving to stay ahead of changes. It’s not easy, but the above tactics are simple to use and implement. My biggest focus for 2017 is being adaptable, the key to being able to connect with people in non-traditional ways in order to grow your network. The sales business changes quickly, and so should you.