An image can say more than a thousand words. For brands using Instagram, there are tricks to leaving users with a lasting and positive impression - all without the use of a single word.

For brands, the principal objective in utilizing Instagram is to say something about a brand by showcasing  striking images – whether it’s in the medium of photography, words, illustrations and graphics or moving images. Of course, the discourse behind the image is also very important and should work in tandem to convey the overall brand message. Ultimately though, the main thrust comes from that first visual impression.

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque Guillaume Briere

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque, Instagram content, Photo: Andre Doyon, Art Direction: Guillaume Briere

When selecting a post, I always look for a picture, or series of pictures, that combine a certain beauty and harmony but that are also somewhat disrupted by an obvious oddity. This component could be in the composition, the colors or lack of colors, the technique, or simply in the subject itself.

First cover photo, Patek Magazine, Photo: Matthew Donaldson

At the same time as illustrating a project or a concept, the posts must be able to inspire the viewer to fuel their curiosity to discover more (about the brand), and ideally, leave them with a lasting impression. Fundamentally, what makes a picture powerful for each individual lies in the eye of the beholder, but this criteria of selection remains a major part of curating an Instagram page for a brand.

La scarzuola tomaso buzzi

La Scarzuola by Tomaso Buzzi, Patek Magazine, Photo: James Reeve

Amongst the recent posts on Bookmark, Gunnar Knechtel’s portrait of artist Farid Rasulov for Fairmont magazine particularly resonated with me. In my mind, it completely embodies the qualities I’m looking for – it’s engaging, peculiar and completely arresting. An image like this really does speak for itself. It elevates our client brand. And our own as well.

farid rasulov carpet interior

Artist Farid Rasulov with his work “Carpet Interior”, Fairmont Magazine, Photo: Gunnar Knechtel