There’s a lot of content out there. Some days it feels as if the world is drowning in it. As Arjun Basu, our SVP, Content Strategy has long said:




The same applies to writing about Content Marketing. There’s just so much of it and everyone professes to have THE answer about how best to reach consumers. Until next time. And then the goalposts move.

So you might be wondering why we think the industry needs another blog about content marketing (or brand journalism or storytelling or storyselling or custom content or native advertising…or whatever it will be called in a few weeks – we have trouble keeping up with the semantics, too). That’s a valid question. But we do think the industry needs smarter, more relevant, helpful, content. Because we all need help making sense of – and navigating – this ever-changing world. We just don’t need a blog about content for content’s sake. Rather, we want to read something that focuses on how brands are resolving real world challenges successfully.

For nearly a decade, the award-winning Sparksheet has done just that for the broader world of media marketing, branding, events and activations, media sales, PR, data and analytics – you name it. Sparksheet has brought to the fore some of the world’s leading marketing thinkers and built its global reputation by providing deep insights across multiple channels.

That won’t change.

But because our world doesn’t stand still, we’re going to refocus our lens. As the idea of what content marketing is (and can do for brands and consumers) shifts, so will Sparksheet. We’re going to build on what has made it successful and retool all its platforms to become the forum for understanding the way marketing is increasingly being fuelled by content and content driven experiences.

Sparksheet is a site for and by marketers, written by some of the brightest minds in the industry, so join the conversation. If you are already a regular reader, we thank you, and hope you enjoy the new direction. If you’re new to us, please subscribe to our newsletter. Follow our social channels. Tell us what you think.

Let’s break through the stuff. And let’s do it together.