With the world becoming more and more crowded travelers are seeking out quiet, remote areas. For that reason, isolation has become the new luxury travel trend.

Gone are the days when luxury meant material comforts like cushy bathrobes, yachts and champagne. Increasingly, luxury travelers want to get away, regroup, breathe and reset surrounded by nothing.

Why? The world is getting both more crowded. And richer. And rich people living in crowded cities are looking at travel as a means to escape the masses and the noise. These connected realities have given rise to a new truth: Quiet and isolation are the new luxury.

“This isolation trend ultimately points to the larger idea of escapism, the need for travelers to step outside their lives and find space.” – theculturetrip.com

Luxury travel used to be about with. Now it’s all about without. Here’s what you need to know about luxury now.

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Photo credit: Blink by Black Tomato